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Cox Technic Complete® PROGRAM


Cox Technic Complete® is a complete program for the chiropractic physician who wants to differentiate his or her practice based on chiropractic spine pain relief. 

5 Basic Components (and much more!):

  1. Website - online exposure (marketing, SEO, report of findings, home care, etc.)
  2. Downloads - tools for you, the doctor, to use (exam forms, Cox® Pearls, Dr. Cox Audios, PowerPoint presentations, info sheets for patients, postcards, and much more)
  3. Discounts - 25% off of Cox® Seminars Part I, II, III, Honors Course and Webinars
  4. Patient Newsletters - sent automatically each month and FREE for you
  5. Personalized, Authoritative Backlinking Page in the referral directory for CTC subscribing Cox® Technic Certified Doctors

A PROGRAM, not just a website

Cox Technic Complete® is a complete program. If, as a subscriber, a doctor feels something would be beneficial to share, it can be shared with all fellow subscribers. The Cox Technic Complete® message of non-surgical pain relief can grow louder the more it is shared.

Cox Technic Complete® is a partnership of  Cirrus ABS and Cox®Technic to enhance your chiropractic practice and differentiate your chiropractic practice as one well-equipped to manage spine pain, back pain, leg pain, neck pain, arm pain and well-supported in your ability to produce beneficial clinical outcomes.


Call Julie at 1-800-441-5571 with any questions and/or set up a personal, online tour of the program from the resource downloads to the website administration section. 

Your practice deserves to be found and recognized for the back pain and neck  pain care you give as the local back pain specialist!

Cox® Belt


Dr. James Cox designed this belt himself! It molds to the patient's spine on day one when the patient may be in antalgia just as well as on day 5 or 10 when the patient stands upright. It adapts perfectly to the patient's form as he or she heals.

  • The memory foam insert packs around the spinal column to hold the the spine firmly. 
  • With the memory foam, there is no need to worry about having to reform the support as the patient heals. 
  • The memory foam adjusts. 
  • The memory foam pad is protected with cotton tubing.
  • Read more about the latest research support for back supports, braces and belts.
  • The Cox® Lumbosacral Support Belt is a deluxe, white, 9" all-elastic belt made of 100% cotton, with two overlapping angle-pulls designed for firm compression to allow the best heal. Custom-fits the patient with the adjustable velcro enclosures and the range of sizes of each belt. 
  • Available in 5 Sizes.

NOTE:  The Cox® Lumbosacral Belt is double-elastic for support and has a pocket for a "memory foam" insert that packs around the spine. The "memory foam" insert changes with the patient. As he or she heals and straightens, the belt adapts to the new posture appropriately. 

"The Cox® Belt is the most comfortable I've ever had to use. Plus, I only had to get one, not have a new one made once I was upright." -- N.S., patient

For more information and to order, call Dee Cee Labs at: 1-800-251-8182 

Cox® Neck Exerciser


Cox® Isotonic Neck Exerciser - Exclusively from DEE CEE Labs

Designed by Dr. James Cox over 20 years ago to complement Cox® Technic care of cervical spine conditions (especially because of research discussing that muscles degenerate just like spinal elements do!), the Cox® Isotonic Neck Exerciser is simple yet effective for patients to learn and do at home.

  • Fits easily in a door jamb to secure the unit
  • 8 ranges of motion are attainable
  • Comfortable
  • Portable

Starting at just taut of the rubber tubing, a patient starts with as many repetitions of motion away from the tubing's hold in the door jamb. The patient may only do one rep on day one. That's fine! Day two may see more reps. The patient builds up to doing 15 repetitions in each of 8 directions. Once there, the patient is told to move back 3" to create more tension on the tubing and start over. That first day may only allow 1 rep in each direction. Not a problem! The patient again builds up to 15 reps in each direction, then steps back another 3" and builds to 15 reps in each direction. By this point, the patient's neck muscles are in good shape. Encourage the patient to keep doing the neck exercises to keep the neck muscles strong and able to support the head.

  • Exclusively from Dee Cee Labs
  • 800-251-8182
  • Price may change without notice



Over 120+ recorded webinars and seminars on Cox® Technic are available. CE is available for most already and the rest by request in most cases. National University of Health Sciences organizes this for us.

These courses are delivered via a learning management system.

Courses start at $40 per hour.

The Cox®8 Table


The Cox8® Table is the instrument of choice for applying Cox® Technic protocols due to its quality, doctor and patient comfort, and patient relief. 

Manufactured and distributed exclusively by Haven Medical in Grand Haven, Michigan, The Cox®8 Table comes with an outstanding standard feature list with some option for table height and force-measurement. Haven Innovation also supplies brand-new tables for technique practice at all Cox® Seminars.

Contact Haven Innovation for more information at 616-935-1040 or visit their website for all the details.

NUHS Cadaver Video (Donation)


This is quite popular for presentations to other healthcare providers as it shows actual cadavers and the motion that Cox® F/D allows. 

Narrated by Dr. James Cox, this video explains the process of the research and demonstrates the findings of IVD disc pressure drops and facet motion allowed by Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression Spinal Manipulation.

The video is available to those who DONATE (minimum $100) to the COX® FUND at National University of Health Sciences for chiropractic F/D research and publication.